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About Fuzhou Yunshang Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd-Factory introduction

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About Fuzhou Yunshang Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd-Factory introduction

1)Who We Are:

Fuzhou Yunshang Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd, located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, is a reputable clothing manufacturer specializing in outdoor jackets, ski jackets, windbreaker wear, down jackets, leisure wear, and more. With a long history in the clothing industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted and experienced player in the market.

2)What We Do:

We are dedicated to product development and manufacturing, focusing on delivering the best quality garments. As a modern and intelligent manufacturing enterprise, we operate a factory spanning over 8400 square meters. With 60 garment production lines and a team of over 580 skilled professionals, we ensure efficient and superior production processes.

3)Why Choose Us:

l  Extensive Experience: With a rich history in clothing manufacturing, we possess valuable expertise and insights in the industry.

l  Commitment to Quality: We have obtained quality certifications such as BSCI, ISO9001, and ISO45001, showcasing our dedication to rigorous manufacturing standards.

l  Strong Partnerships: Our long-term collaborations with renowned domestic and international sports and outdoor leisure brands, including Anta, Columbia, Camel, Jeep, and Jack Jones, establish us as a trusted quality supplier.

l  Research and Development: We have established product research and development centers in Shanghai and Guangzhou, leveraging advanced management practices and intelligent production equipment.

l  Scalable Production Capacity: Through strategic expansion and talent acquisition, we have enhanced our internal management and production capacity to meet growing market demands.

l  Customer Testimonials:We greatly value our customers' feedback and satisfaction. Please contact our customer service team for testimonials and reviews from our existing clients.

Fuzhou Xiterui Technology Co. Ltd.is located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, as well as its factory.




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